Walking My Road To Salvation

Conceptives, Words

Walking. Living, moving along. Existing. Walking, the act of living, walking through life, the profound choice of how to walk and where. When arriving is inevitable, but destination highly undefined, unfixed and unknown, walking must become the sole purpose of walking. In that light defined absurdly as, the walk is the arrival, the arrival is the walk. One art of walking could then very well be defined as the art of making the walk as enjoyable, interesting, exploring, observing, sensing as possible, another as the art of making the walk as comfortable, safe, social, confirming as possible, or as fast paced, petal to the metal, dangerous, adrenaline pumping as possible. The art of walking chosen can be chosen, or created, within an array of awareness levels. In linear context, ranging from little to no awareness to with full awareness in every living now. Wherein also giving up awareness can be done with full awareness, and taking on full awareness can be done with little or no awareness.

My. I can only walk as me, a moving vortex of perception cut through the Omni, a four dimensional being of space and time. We can all only walk as the closed unit of perception we are doomed or blessed to be. I can never see yours. You can never see mine. Walks of my. The art of, the act of, the purpose of, the existence of, the reason for walking holds no other existential point than for the self that is walking.

Road. The path chosen or created when walking. There are predefined highways of comfort and ease, yet also of road rage and blow outs. There are small laid out trails others have used, growing stronger with every walker that steps, and uncovered fields not stepped in by many. Trails are abandoned, just as new trails emerges. An ever changing landscape for walking. While the road of the now does not strictly limit neither destination nor road of the future, the art of walking chosen and the road walked in the past, truly does define the tools, skill and knowledge learned and gained from the walk passed, and therefor available for the walker in the now. As we walk, we only pick up and learn from what is present in our walk, from the how and the where we choose to walk.

To. Arriving is inevitable. Destination is undefined, unfixed and unknown. Arriving is a fact. There is a to, regardless its uncertain position and shape. To some this uncertainty represents fear and anxiety, to others a thrill of a mystery and to some, merely an abstract concept, pointless to the walk itself. Yet the to also holds the choice of the how and the where, when those are chosen with awareness. The to can be direction, and not merely arrival.

Salvation. Be saved from harm and sin. Deliverance, to be set free. Seen not as a destination, but as skill, a tool, as knowledge learned from the walking passed, available for the walker in the now. Salvation as a metaphor for the clarity and the light we need to see the “Walking, My, Road, To” as the moldable, organic, ever changing sizes, that we create and shape, as our perceptive beings cuts through the Omni when we walk. Creating the world we walk as we walk. Being saved from the “sinful” and “harmful” of the discourse of predefined and obscured. The absurdity earlier defined, the walk is the arrival, the arrival is the walk will be salvation.

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