Voters get what they vote for

Conceptives, Words

Every time. When ever there is an election of any sort, everyone who voted got exactly what they voted for. If the election is for a president, every voter gets a president. If the election is for a parliament, every voter gets a parliament. When you vote for laws, you get laws. That is the nature of voting and of making choices.

While some might think elections can be won and lost, there is always only winners among those who participate in an election, they all get what they voted on. They voted on a system, and the system gained its power, the system prevailed and won. Everyone who took part can pat themselves on the back for a job well done… yup, we got another president. 4 more years of being ruled into order. The system works. Good job!

And so the mass hypnosis becomes self induced. That is the beauty of this mass hypnosis, it is self confirming, build up opinion for opinion. With pride humans take part in their own enslavement, and you know, donating to your favorite psycho ruler wanna-be, is tax deductible. A once in a lifetime offer, buy a ticket to the Choose Your Own Ruler Game, support your own enslavement, and pay less to the church that are saving you from you. In the modern world we call this system democracy. A system so flawed it can only exist under mass hypnosis of the pride driven ego, where all sanity of good engineering is lost. On a side note, there are actually engineers who vote with pride on this system, that is build solely on waste. Personally I find this among one of the most amusing reflections of society.

There are groups of people who dedicate their entire life to being programmed into this, scholars and idiots a like, who somehow think knowledge about this deeply flawed system can be considered wisdom and skill. Mass hypnosis of the pride driven ego at its finest. They quote and regurgitate all the self-important quirks and odds, checks and hooks of this wasteful and lunatic system, they have opinions. Mass hypnosis is weaved from opinions. An opinion is an incantation, a hypnotic chant. A mean for confirmation of the hypnosis.

Opinions are like Gods….But without opinions, how do I know what is right or wrong? Funny huh… there are people out there who say the same mindless drivel about God.

This mass hypnosis that makes people vote with pride is fueled on opinions. An opinion about who would be the best ruler, leads people to voting on a president or on a parliament.

And voters always get what they want. They always win the election.

This is an opinion, is it not?


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