Got a cause?

Conceptives, Words

Hey You! Yeah You!

Got a cause? How is your idealism balance? Got plenty to spare?

Well, have I got an offer for you then. Invisible Combo Sunglasses and Blinders. With our Invisible Combo Goggles you can protect your blind spot and shade out any light of doubt or skepticism. Invisible for your privacy, so you can maintain your appearance of open mindedness and healthy curiosity.

To be invested in a cause means to protect and nurture a blind spot. When on a mission or on a path, brain blinders takes over in the name of focus. It feels good to be on a path, it adds meaning, and meaning is addictive and soothing. There is a goal, you are on the right path, the trot is one long stream of endorphin. You are focused. And completely blind.

Ego loves these blind spots. The Ego sweet spot. I am on the right path. Ego Fertilizer.

Causes leads to blindness. Paths leads to mindless walking. Missions leads to goals. The human brain is great at focusing when it gets stimulated and rewarded. The more dead set you are on this or that, nurturing and protecting, defending and growing that blind spot, the more blind you become. You have given birth to a Truth, and will, for as long as it exists, be a slave to it. In the name of Truth, you are no longer free.

The truth shall set you free. Bah humbug.

Ego eats Idealism. Idealism is the very fabric blind spots are build of. If your sight is infected with Idealism, there is hope for you, but if it has reached your brain, you are done for. Humble yourself for a good rinse.

Are you on the right path? Taken to a mission? Got your blinders on tight? Defending your precious Truth? Get your set of Invisible Combo Goggles. Order here.

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