Conceptives, Words

It is fairly common to acknowledge the enslavement, a simple drug addiction coils on a human. Just as it is fairly common to acknowledge, that a drive or wish or desire of feeling free, is what leads to the drug addiction. Free from pain, free from problems, free from hamster wheel life, free from restraints of mind, et cetera. The twisted logic of feeling free in enslavement, as seen in drug addiction. Cognitive dissonance. The addicted mind convinces the Self,  that it is getting what it seeks, the feeling of being free.

All smokers know this feeling, bound in addiction to nicotine and other nasty compounds, the smoker’s mind convinces the Self of the great deception of feeling free.

Just like smokers, all citizens know this feeling too, regardless if it is recognized by the Self. It is this feeling, this dissonance, this lunacy of addiction, that drives and creates citizens.

Creating dependencies and addictions is an excellent way of controlling humans. State creates the illusion of providing freedom of care, safety and order, lawfulness and control. Governments and parliaments creates the illusion of providing freedom from tyranny and control, by allowing us to vote for our own masters. (who by the way, are unbelievably sick people, who kill millions of humans and loot the planet) Preying on deeply rooted needs in humans, these dependencies, along with the addiction to authority, is pushed on us from the moment we are born. Children are sent to programming as much as 8 hours a day. We proudly bring forced programming on children all over the world. Proudly we brag about it, as a measure of how free and good we are.

The telling sign of this being an addiction is how it is defended and explained with freedom. Arguments for this enslaving addiction is again freedom. The addicted mind convincing the Self it is getting what it desires, freedom from its enslavement.

Addicted to authority, we celebrate our enslavement with feasts of feeling free.

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